The Petro Sol leadership team is made up of an excellent group of professionals with expansive experience in doing business in Tanzania and across the globe.

  • CEO – Abe Latif Suleman

    Abe Latif Suleman was born and raised in Arusha, Tanzania and received his Bachelor of Science in McPherson, Kansas in 1972. Abe is CEO of Petro Sol (T) Ltd., Miombo Estates, Tanzania Maua, Tuckman (T) Ltd., and Suleman, Casler & Co.  – with areas of focus in fuel distribution, agriculture, mining, and investment consultation. From 1973 to... View Full Bio

  • Manager, Sales & Retail Ops – Jagdish Babu

    Jagdish Babu has a graduate level education from India with a background in Marketing and Management.  In past roles he has been recognized for his ability to manage a marketing team in research, sales lead generation, and communication planning. At Petro Sol, Mr. Babu is currently overseeing operations of the Kisongo retail fueling station, and contributing to... View Full Bio

  • Technical Manager – Deva Modhvadia

    Deva Modhvadia has been with Petro Sol family of companies since 1996 as a trusted technical resource.  He is an expert at engineering, and is currently managing the fleet of fuel transport vehicles for Petro Sol and farm equipment for Miombo Estates.  He also acts as a supervisor and mentor to a team of junior engineers.  Under... View Full Bio

  • Yard Manager – Hamisi Damadhami

    Hamisi Damadhami has worked for the Petro Sol family of companies for over ten years in various capacity.  He currently manages yard operations as well as the intake and distribution of fuel.

  • Head Driver – Samuel Mayoba

    Samuel Mayoba has been with Petro Sol since it was established in 2005, proving himself to be a steady and responsible driver.  Mayoba acts as mentor and guide to our team of drivers, ensuring that good driving habits and integrity are at the forefront of every journey.